The typical cost of Wavefront laser eye surgery in the UK can varies significantly, from as low as £1500 to more than £2000 per eye. You may be able to get slightly it done slightly cheaper but you should be aware that most of the lowest prices are just reserved for the patients with the lowest prescriptions. The vast majority of patients will not qualify for the cheapest rates advertised. The price of laser eye surgery should be just one of several factors that you need to consider before seeking laser vision correction in the UK. Do some research on this site to understand if wavefront is your preferred treatment and whether Wavefront eye surgery prices are affordable for you. Most importantly, consider the fact that LASIK varies significantly by procedure type. Dozens of factors, some linked to personal attributes and others related to individual vision center, greatly influence LASIK eye surgery. Finding a high quality yet affordable Wavefront LASIK surgeon requires a bit of research but we will be able to get you some quotes from reputable clinics in your local area if you fill in our form. You will be able to get a free consultation, a guide to prices and a final quote once your eye condition is assessed.

How Does Wavefront Laser Eye Surgery Work

Everyone has different eye which means that traditional laser eye surgery could have very different results for different people. Custom LASEK eyes surgery (Wavefront) is more advance and allows the procedure to microscopically tailored to your eye. In summary, the Wavefront™ technology works as follows:

  • A laser with a flat surface shines into your eye and the flat laser surface is changed by the microscopic irregularities of your cornea 
  • This gives a more precise measurement of your which is reflected back into the computer
  • A computer analyzes the changes of the laser and creates a topographical Wavefront image of your cornea
  • This custom made topographical image guides the laser during your LASEK eye surgery so it is far more accurate. 

The result is a far more accurate surgery with better outcomes and less risk of complications.

Wavefront LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Costs in the UK

In the UK, Wavefront laser eye surgery can seem expensive, and it may be tempting for one to look for lower LASIK prices. However, while the lower prices may be somehow justified, be extremely wary of low costs or in some cases “bargain” prices online or in advertisements. Considering that most people in the UK are not covered by insurance on a LASIK procedure, the temptation to respond to low prices is inevitable. However, many advertisers may lure patients in with the promise of reduced costs for wavefront LASIK procedure but later add on significant additional fees and charges to the end price for the eye surgery procedure. Therefore, when discussing wavefront laser eye surgery cost with your surgeon in the UK, make sure that the price agreed covers all aspects of the procedure ranging from the actual surgery to other follow up post-operative appointments.

Wavefront LASIK Clinic Prices in the UK

Many factors influence the cost of wavefront lasik eye surgery including: personal prescription, insurance plan and location of the clinic.  For instance, many experienced surgeons tend to charge more, whilst some charge more for people with aggravated visual acuity. In some clinics, patients are offered up to 10% NHS discount, but is often subject to agreement with the surgeon. Also, if you live in a large metropolis in the UK, with a high cost of living, expect to pay slightly more for the eye procedure. Here are some of the popular eye surgery clinics and some guide prices. You have see cheaper prices on their website but only a very small minority will have eye prescriptions that qualify for these low rates. Most people can expect to pay well over £1,000 per eye.

Clinic Typical Cost Per Eye
Ultralase £1,500
Optimax £1,695
Optical Express £1,500
Accuvision £2,400 (Both Eyes)
Optegra £2,000

 Wavefront LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Benefits

Although you can find standard laser eye surgery at relatively reduced prices, wavefront laser eye surgery is considered the gold standard treatment. All of us have different night vision aberrations, and during laser eye surgery the aberrations are measured by the surgeon. If the aberrations are found to be minimal, wavefront may not be necessary, but for those with heightened aberrations wavefront lasik may be ideal choice of treatment. So how do you what are the benefits of wavefront lasik over other forms of treatment?

Better night vision and less glare: During the surgery procedure, a wavescan Aberrometer is used to analyse various parts of the cornea, with emphasis on peripheral points that are essential for night vision when the pupil enlarge to accommodate more light. The information is then used to correct your vision for problems such as glare, light haloes and starbursts.

Better Accuracy: Wavefront lasik guarantees better accuracy for the best possible visual outcomes. With wavefront there are higher chances of achieving 20:20 vision as compared to standard laser eye surgery. This is highly recommended for people with high prescriptions and those with large pupils.

Better Vision Quality: wavefront lasik not only improves how much you can see, but also how well you can see in both light and dark conditions. They do this be treating higher abberations which has a direct effect on reducing doubling/ghosting around images, glare and haloes around lights and starbursts.

Longer lasting: The need for laser enhancement is reduced meaning that you won’t pay for re-treatment after a few months

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