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It is makes perfect sense to shop around when you are considering laser eye surgery which is certainly not cheap but it wouldn’t be wise to chose a clinic just because it offers the cheapest treatments or the best special offer – you may save a few hundred pounds but your decision could cost you far more in the long term.

Having said that, of course not everyone can afford to pay over £5,000 for a Harley Street specialist in London and it is not actually necessary to get a high very good surgeon who using the latest equipment and techniques. It is possible to get more affordable laser eye treatments simply by doing some research and making sure you carefully compare the treatment types as well as the after care service provided (the latter in particular will differ from clinic to clinic). It is hard to compare like for like as they can use different terminology and make it difficult to understand what it and isn’t included – hopefully this site can help you with the comparison.

Indeed, you can compare local clinic prices using our short form on this page and see special offers at clinics near you.

What Determines The Price Of Laser Eye Surgery?

An person’s prescription probably has the most influence over the cost of laser eye surgery as the higher the prescription, the more work will be involved and the more skilled the surgeon needs to be. Be aware that some clinics will advertise cheap laser eye surgery prices on their websites (i.e. starting at £600 per eye) but in reality this rate will hardly ever be offered and is only available for patients with low prescriptions taking the most basic treatment option.

Other factors effecting the cost of surgery include where the clinic is based with London based clinics being the most expensive. The surgeon’s experience will obviously also make a difference to the cost of the laser eye surgery as will the reputation of the clinic itself.

On average, most clinics in the UK will charge between £1500 and £2500 per eye for the most effective refractive eye surgery so you should be prepared to pay at least £3,000 for both eyes.

All prices below are for each clinic’s most commonly performed blade free LASIK eye surgery procedures. Please contact the individual clinics to get specific details on their technology and how it may differ from other clinics.

The treatment names below vary but these LASIK treatments typically use a similar femtosecond (blade-less) laser.

LASIK Eye Surgery Prices – National Clinics

  Treatment Name Consultation Price Per Eye Deposit
Optical Express LASIK with iDesign Free From £1,495 £500
Optimax IntraLase® LASIK Free £1,995 10%
Ultralase Wavefront LASIK Free £1,995 10%

LASIK Eye Surgery Prices – London & South East Clinics

 Treatment NameConsultationPrice Per EyeDeposit
OptegraLASIK (blade-free)FreeFrom £1,99510%
Centre For SightIntraLASIK Supracor£500*£2,45020%
FocusLASIK (blade-free)Free£2,400 – £2,800£500
London Vision ClinicLASIK (blade-free)Free£2,750 – £3,450£500

Prices correct as of Feb 2022

* This £500 deposit payment is deducted from the total cost of surgery if patient is found suitable. If a patient is found to be unsuitable for Laser eye surgery, this deposit payment will be refunded in full

How To Find Laser Eye Surgery Special Offers

Special offers are occasionally advertised on clinic’s own website or social media but it is hard to predict when will come and go. If you fill in our form on the right we will show you the latest prices and special offers for clinics in your area.

When you are researching prices and laser eye surgery special offers be sure to check if the advertised prices are fixed for all patients or if they will depend on your prescription. You should clarify what the quoted price includes such as post surgery care and vision guarantees. Once you have shortlisted a few clinics we would recommend visiting at least 2 for a consultation (this is normally free) so you can get a good feel for the team performing the operation and have your questions answered.

It is worth noting that national clinics such as Optegra and Optimax may be able to afford to offer cheaper prices and more special offers than individual clinics simply due to their economies of scale – don’t assume their lower prices mean lower quality.

Is It worth Getting Laser Eye Surgery Abroad?

Like other medical operations it is possible to have cheap laser eye surgery in Europe or even further afield. Many people do so due to the cost or simply because they would like to combine the operation and recuperation time with a holiday in a foreign country. Those considering surgery in a foreign country, particularly a non-English speaking destination, are advised to check the surgeon’s qualifications and speak to previous patients if possible – just as they would be in the UK.

What Conditions Can Be Treated With Laser Eye Surgery?

The most common eye prescriptions to be treated with cheap laser eye surgery are long and short-sightedness, in addition to astigmatism. That’s because these tend to respond best and prove the more successful operations. In rare cases a patient with one of these three conditions may still be refused treatment but only because their prescription is too high and the operation itself may not prove as successful as the patient intends.