How Much Does Private Cataract Surgery Cost In UK Clinics?

Updated 14th Dec 2023

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  • 14th Dec 2023: Reduced Optimax monofocal lens prices from £2,995 to £1,995 and increased multifocal from £2,995 to £3,195.
  • 2nd Oct 2023: Monofocal and Multifocal lenses changed to £2,995 for Optimax and Ultralase. They were previously £2,745 for Monofocal and £3,495 for Multifocal.
  • 6th June 2023: Centre for Sight’s lens Surgery prices increased from £3,150 – £3,995  and £4,100 – £4,500 monofocal and multifocal lenses respectively. 
  • 27th Jan 2023: Increased prices of Optegra Monofocal from £2,395 and Multifocal from £3,595
  • 2nd Feb 2022: Optegra Monofocal lens increased by £300 to £2,395 and Multifocal lens increased by £100 to £3,595.
  • October 1st 2021: Increased Optimax prices. Monofocal lenses increased from £2,495 to £2,745 per eye and multifocal lenses increased from £3,245 to £3,495 per eye. 
ClinicConsultationCataract  Monofocal Lens
(Per Eye)
Cataract  Multifocal Lens
(Per Eye)
Optical ExpressFree£1,995£3,195
Center For Sight£475*£3,310- £3,775 **£4,350 – £4,725 **

Prices per eye accurate as of 14th Dec 2023

* Reduced price for payment in advance of consultation

** Higher price charged for Toric lenses.

While investigating the prices of cataract surgery, always check the small print and make sure you are not looking at the laser eye surgery prices which are often cheaper. You should get prices the same as, or very close to, lens replacement surgery costs given the treatments are so similar.

Some clinics may present a great headline price but there may be added extras that haven’t been accounted for, e.g. your aftercare and subsequent appointments after the procedure.

If you’ve decided private treatment is the way forward but don’t feel you can afford to pay for the procedure in one lump sum, many clinics now offer finance options. This allows you to split the cost over 10-24 months depending on the clinic. The financing options below are based on the cheaper Monofocal Lens RLE Cataract Surgery option (Multifocal, Trifocal and Toric options will be more expensive).

Finance Available For Cataract / RLE Multifocal or Trifocal Lens (per eye)

ClinicDepositInterest Free
Repayment Period
Longest Repayment
Optimax£50012 months36 months
(£85.02 at 11.5% APR)
Ultralase£50012 months12 months
(£166.25 at 0% APR)
Optical Express£50010 months72 Months
(£51.19 at 11.9%APR)
Center For SightVaries24 Months24 months