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The cost of LASIK eye surgery in the UK will vary depending on the patient’s particular needs and profile, as well as the type of surgery opted for and even the location (London and the south of England being more expensive than northern cities and towns).

You can expect to pay over £3000 for LASIK surgery in both eyes outside the more expensive London clinics and some clinics may vary their price depending on the severity of your eye prescription. If you have a particularly high prescription, have had previous surgery elsewhere or you require specialist correction you may need to pay more than £5,500-£6,500.

In order to determine if you’re eligible for LASIK eye surgery you’ll usually undergo an initial consultation with an ophthalmologist. This consultation is free in the national clinics but normally charged for in London and some clinics with fewer sites. If you are charged for the initial consultation, then this fee is normally taken off the final price should you have the surgery at that clinic.

Cost of LASIK Eye Surgery In The UK

The laser eye surgery costs in the table below are for the various LASIK treatments available in the major national companies offering LASIK treatments throughout the UK plus those with locations just in London or the South East which tend to be more expensive. All these clinics offer interest-free credit ranging from 10 to 36 months.

Note that the treatment names and the lasers in their treatment rooms will vary but they are all variations on blade-free LASIK surgery.

LASIK Eye Surgery Prices – National Clinics

 Treatment NameConsultationPrice Per EyeDeposit
Optical ExpressLASIK with iDesignFreeFrom £1,495£500
OptimaxIntraLase® LASIKFree£1,99510%
UltralaseWavefront LASIKFree£1,99510%

LASIK Eye Surgery Prices – London & South East Clinics

 Treatment NameConsultationPrice Per EyeDeposit
OptegraLASIK (blade-free)Free£1,99510%
Centre For SightIntraLASIK Supracor£500*£2,57320%
FocusLASIK (blade-free)Free£2,400 – £3,450£500
London Vision ClinicLASIK (blade-free)Free£2,750 – £3,450£500

Prices correct as of March 2024

* This £500 deposit payment is deducted from the total cost of surgery if patient is found suitable. If a patient is found to be unsuitable for Laser eye surgery, this deposit payment will be refunded in full.

Wavefront indicates the use of 3D scanning technology but this will often have a different name depending on the clinic and exact technology used (ie. iDesign for Optical Express, Intralase for Optimax, Wavefront for other clinics). LASIK Wavefront Surgery costs tend to be higher than standard surgery.

Despite the various type of surgery, each one should include on-going post-operative care with follow-up appointments a few days after the operation together with a yearly checkup. In some cases the surgery comes with a reassuring lifetime guarantee.

Finance available for LASIK Eye Surgery

All clinics will offer some sort of financing for their LASIK treatment in order to make the payments more manageable. Many will offer 0% finance over a short time period (i.e. 10-12 months) and will charge around 9.5-11.5% APR if you would like to pay off the balance over a longer period (i.e. 12 -72 months).

Always check the total amount you are repaying if you are applying for finance – the low monthly repayments look great but you can end up paying substantially more than the original price due to the interest rate.

To be eligible for some of the special finance arrangements offered by clinics, those undergoing the surgery must have been a UK citizen for at least three years, have a good credit history and be full-time employed.

Should I Choose The Clinic Offering The Cheapest LASIK Eye Surgery?

There are so many clinics out there offering laser eye surgery, and each attesting to its level of expertise, it’s difficult to decide where to go. Location will obviously be a factor and so too will the cost. When it comes to the latter, there really isn’t that much of a difference between the national clinics offering the same procedures but those with higher prescriptions may be better off paying more and not just focusing on finding the cheapest LASIK surgery you can. 

Due to higher prescriptions requiring more complex LASIK procedures, some clinics will have tiered prices depending on the patient’s prescription (e.g. Focus has 2 prices – one for standard and one for specialist LASIK surgery).