Resources For The Blind And Vision Impaired

When it comes to finding online resources for the blind and vision impaired, there is a range of tools, sources and solutions for most needs. Even so, becoming aware of and finding the tools that you need can be an overwhelming experience, not only because of the sheer numbers of tools available, but also because new eye health treatments and discoveries, as well as low vision tools and services are continuously emerging. We have compiled a listing of resources based on specific needs and situations. From help adapting to life with low or no vision, to financial assistance for the vision-impaired, these resources can provide assistance and helpful insights for easier daily living and a higher quality of life. To get an understand how prevalent sight loss and vision impairment is globally please check out our round up of the Global Data & Statistics On Visual Impairment & Blindness.

Resources for Help with Adjusting to Low Vision or Blindness

Resources for Youth, Parents and Educators

International Resources

UK Based Resources

US Based Resources

Resources for the Latest Medical Advancements and Research

Communication Tech and Mobile App Resources

Financial Assistance Resources

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