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(Per Eye)
Interest Free Credit
Optical ExpressFree£3,39510
Advanced Vision Care£200£3,450 – 4,450*24
Center For Sight£350£3,350 – £3,675*24

Prices updated as of Dec 2019.

* Increasing prices depending on whether you have the Simple Lens, Myopic Specialist Lens, Hyperopic Specialist Lens, Specialist Keratoconus Lens
** Toric vs Non Toric

Patient Experience

20-30 Minute Outpatient ProcedureYesYesYes
Removes Corneal TissueNoYesYes
Contributes to “Dry Eye”No, doesn’t induce dry eye syndromeUp to 20% can experience dry eyeOccasional

Safety Features

Removable or ReversibleRemovableNot ReversibleNot Reversible
Flexibility for Future ProceduresRemovableLimited if additional treatments involve the corneaLimited if additional treatments involve the cornea
Treats thin corneasYesLimitedLimited
UV ProtectionYesNoNo
Biocompatible LensYesN/A (laser based)N/A (laser based)
Long Term HistoryYesYesYes

How Is The Collamer Lens Implantated?

Phakic Intraocular Lens Surgery EVO ICL 1
Phakic Intraocular Lens Surgery EVO ICL 2

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