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Sometimes, there are cheaper surgery options available when you go abroad, but these low-cost procedures often come with added risks. So, if you’re considering venturing abroad for your surgery, bear the following in mind:

  • What additional costs might you face? The surgery might be cheaper but don’t forget to allow for accommodation, flights and travelling to and from your follow-up appointments.
  • Is the surgeon qualified? Unlike the UK which regulates surgeons, some foreign countries will not. So, always check your surgeon has the right qualifications before proceeding. And also check whether there are any healthcare regulations in place in the country you’re heading to.
  • Will you meet the surgeon before your procedure? It’s important to talk to the surgeon before your operation so you can ask important questions and feel at ease with what they’re about to do.
  • Does everyone speak English? To avoid any communication barriers, it’s crucial you make sure there’s an interpreter available if your surgeon doesn’t speak English
  • What are the surgeon’s and clinic’s reviews like? Just like when you’re getting surgery in the UK, it’s important to look at unbiased reviews to see if the clinic and surgeon are credible.
  • What if you have problems post-surgery? Always check you’ll be able to visit a surgeon in the UK if you experience any unwanted side effects after your surgery. Sometimes, you may need to return to the country you had the operation in to receive this aftercare.

For more information on travelling overseas for laser eye surgery and other important factors you need to consider read our guide to laser eye surgery in the UK.

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