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There have been more than 400,000 Optimax laser eye surgery operations since the company opened their first clinic more than two decades ago. Meanwhile, all surgeons who have performed them are either Fellows or Members of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists with full GMC registration. In this article we will outline the company’s treatments, prices and locations.

Optimax Treatments

  • Wavefront Laser Eye Surgery. Wavefront laser eye Surgery is customised to a patient’s particular eye shape and prescription through the use of computerised 3D imaging technology.
  • Monovision surgery. Aimed at those aged 45 and over this technique is used on individuals with presbyopia (age related short-sightedness for those who require reading glasses).
  • LASEK Laser Eye Surgery. This involves using a laser on the cornea under the ipithelium flap without the need to cut the surface of the lense.
  • Intralase LASIK. A form of bladeless surgery for those whose prescription rules out standard LASIK treatment.

Optimax Eye Treatment Prices (per eye)

  • Wavefront LASEK start at  £1695 (or a cost of £42.38 per month).
  • Wavefront IntraLase® LASIK start at £1695 (or £42.38 per month).

Optimax Laser Eye Surgery Procedure with Wavefront Technology

Wavefront LASIK surgery involves producing a three dimensional digital map of the cornea for reshaping purposes. It is often referred to as Wavefront-Guided LASIK, Custom LASIK or Custom Wavefront LASIK.

The 3D imaging used means that a client’s prescription is more accurately adhered to by the ability to adjust and reshape the cornea in a multitude of areas. This in turn means less of the cornea needs to be removed. The treatment commonly results in

20/20 vision for the individual and is particularly effective where night vision is concerned. It also cuts back on the halo and glare effects which can often be experienced following laser eye surgery.

Optimax Laser Eye Surgery with LASEK

Laser Epithelial Keratomilieusis is an updated form of PRK (photo refractive keratectomy) laser eye surgery. It involves the laser being applied to the outer surface of the eye in order to reshape the cornea and correct vision.

Also known as Epi-LASEK, the surgery begins with the patient’s eye being held open with a clip and then a local anaesthetic in the form of eye drops being administered. The surface of the cornea, known as the epithelium, is then removed and a laser applied to the cornea. This allows the epithelium to be re-shaped and the patient’s long or short-sightedness repaired. It can also be successfully used to correct astigmatism.

The operation itself can last anything from 15 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the patient’s particular prescription. Following the surgery the patient must keep a soft contact lense in for up to four days in order to protect the cornea and aid its healing. Steroid drops are also commonly used for several weeks following surgery to ensure no infection occurs.

Optimax Laser Eye Surgery UK Locations

Optimax clinics can be found in more than 30 town and city locations within the UK. These cover England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Not all the clinics are used for surgery; some simply provide the opportunity for the patients to undergo an initial consultation. The following is a list of Optimax clinics in the UK:

Belfast, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Canterbury, Cardiff, Glasgow,  Guildford, Hull, Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Canary Wharf (London), Chiswick High Rd (London), Finchley Road (London), Liverpool St (London), Victoria (London), Maidstone, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Newcastle, Newton Abbot, Nottingham, Peterborough, Reading, Southend-On-Sea, Southampton and York.

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